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Trust Florida Commercial Painting for all of your commercial painting needs in Clearwater, FL. We serve a wide array of customers including small businesses with only one storefront as well as large multinational corporations who have multiple locations across the country!

Have an old retail building that’s been sitting vacant? Painting it could increase traffic while adding some color into what may seem like an otherwise bland space. For those looking to revitalize their office spaces, Florida Commercial Painting has extensive experience painting medium and large office buildings. 

Commercial Painting Done Right

Florida Commercial Painting brings decades of experience in the commercial painting field and is a company that provides versatile, durable paint services.

The outside appearance of a business can make the difference between it being attractive and not. For businesses, quality exterior paint jobs attract customers, improve resale value, and add a professional touch to their image. Commercial property owners and tenants alike benefit from a beautiful exterior facade.

Exterior painting projects can be a daunting task, but by using high-quality paint and a team of knowledgeable professionals, we are able to get the job done on time and affordably. Trust professional painters to not only save time on your project but also money in the long run. At Florida Commercial Painting, we provide warranties on our projects!

Why Florida Trusts Florida Commercial Painting

Painting a building is not an easy task, but our experience and processes make it very efficient. We use only quality paint for long-lasting results. We are insured, providing peace of mind against any injuries that may occur on the premises.

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If you’re looking for a painting company with an extensive history behind them, Florida Commercial Painting can’t be beaten! To learn more about what makes us different, please read About Us here.

Whether this is a new construction job site requiring extensive exterior paint covering the entire building, or just a face lift around your store front location—we have all the bases covered! We offer free estimates so Contact Us today if interested.