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Florida Commercial Painting can provide your commercial space with a unique and modern look for an affordable cost. Hiring our team of professionals is likely to be the best investment you make in your property, as demonstrated by our team’s history of serving the most selective commercial property owners throughout West Florida.

We have over 19 years of experience serving commercial buildings in Lutz, and can cover anything from apartment buildings, condos, HOAs, or offices, to metal buildings, warehouses, storage facilities, and much more. Have questions about your particular needs? Contact our team today for a free consultation!

The Best Commercial Exterior Painting

Your commercial property is a big investment. Hiring the professionals at Florida Commercial Painting to paint your property will increase its resale value, in addition to driving in additional business. Maintaining a beautiful exterior image is critical to increasing foot traffic to your business.

Hiring the wrong company to handle your project can be a disaster. Horror stories abound from uninsured workers to warranties that weren’t honored to jobs that were abandoned mid-way through. By hiring us, you can rest easy knowing your job will be handled on time and likely under your anticipated budget.

Commercial Interior Painting

How do patrons of your business feel once they step through the front-door? How about your tenants, or the residents of your apartment complex?

We have been designing impactful paint systems for West Florida’s most successful businesses for 20 years. Take advantage of our expertise and create an environment that residents will be proud to call home, tenants will be proud to have their business located there, and customers will feel welcome and happy to shop there.

Commercial Paint Job Benefits

Quality commercial painting of the interior or exterior improves the appearance and increases the value of a commercial space. By hiring our team, you will enjoy:

  • A wide choice of available paint colors
  • Fast painting services
  • Warranties and insurance for painting services
  • A cleaner, more professional look

We know how to design a great-looking paint system that will hold up in Florida’s harsh climate. By hiring the best, you are making an investment in your property and in your business that will yield significant dividends over time.

We are Your Trusted Commercial Painting Service

The experts at Florida Commercial Painting have been proudly serving business owners throughout Lutz for 20 years. We are transparent in our pricing and timing, and all expectations are laid out in a very detailed format for our clients.

Our founder, Charles Gordon, has lived near Lutz for much of his life, and is proud to be trusted by West Florida’s most prestigious businesses.

To learn more about the experience our customers have when they choose Florida Commercial Painting, visit our Testimonials page. Alternatively, to get started with a free proposal with an affordable and high quality painting contractor, call 813-469-9644 today or Contact Us here.